Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ray Boltz is gay and how it relates to me. (part one)

And apparently he claims it's brought him closer to God. He did an interview (of course) that you can read here. Now I have two choices on related stories I can tell, so I think I'll tell one now and the other later.

Story One

Several years ago I had resumes floating around in a lot of places seeking where God might have me serve. Occasionally, I would receive emails or calls from churches all over the country. One evening I received an email from a church expressing interest in me becoming their Music Minister or whatever title they used. I had never heard of the church so I looked them up on google to learn more about them. I was quite impressed with their web presence and they seemed rather interesting. Then I found the problem. The staff page showed the "pastor" and his "family" in a picture. However, I had a hard time discerning who in the picture was the "pastor."

It was a picture of two men, the "pastor" and his life-partner (aka boyfriend). It was a Metropolitan Community Church which I then discovered was the church of the homosexual persuasion. Needless to say, I didn't pursue that gig. I'm still not sure where they got my info or why they thought I was MCC material, but I am most definitely not.

How is that related? Ray Boltz is now attending and resuming his singing career in an MCC group.

Let's just pray for Ray that God will open his eyes to the sin in his life and help him get back to the truth.

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