Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Product Review

I ran across a website for a company in Chicago that makes banners and posters. The company is called Tree-Fox. I noticed they were running a promotion to get your first order for free in return for a review on your blog or website. I decided to order a 5'x5' banner for Living Waters Church with our logo on it. So, here's the review...

Service - A+

I must say I was quite pleased with the overall service. I placed my order Wednesday evening and received an email within an hour asking a few questions concerning my order and letting me know my artwork was fine. The next day I received another email letting me know my banner was being printed and would probably be shipped that day. Then later, another email was sent letting me know the banner had been shipped and I should receive it Monday. I actually got it today.

Product - B-

I didn't really have any expectations about the product because I was unfamiliar with the medium they were using. I was surprised at how thin it was and I have some concern as to how well it will hold up in outdoor settings. The image quality, however, was wonderful. The image was crisp and clear with no jagged edging or poor quality colors. I must say, it looks the same as the PDF file I sent. The only problem is one tiny spot where the printing came off. Here's a picture (I put a red circle around the spot):

Now, as you can see, the banner is quite wrinkled as well which led to the ink coming off. That brings us to the last part of the review.

Shipping - C-

I received my banner in a triangular mailer -- well, actually it was two mailers taped together. I was disappointed to see that in transit, the mailer had been bent. This caused the banner to be bent and wrinkled. A picture of the box and the banner:

I am sure that this is due to Postal Service mishandling, but I think using a round mailing tube might have helped prevent this damage. I was pleased with the speed of shipping, though.

Overall - B

Overall I was pleased with the order. I believe they offer a quality product and have reasonable prices. I would and do recommend Tree-Fox for any large scale printing needs and I would use their services again. My only recommendation to them is to upgrade their shipping containers to minimize damage in transit.


I received an email from Kelly at Tree-Fox addressing the concerns I mentioned here along with an offer to replace the banner at no cost, even though the damage was obviously caused in transit. I must say, that was great considering this order was through the First Order Free promotion I mentioned in the first paragraph. The customer service has been above and beyond all expectations.


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